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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Problem Solved

Hi again Folks. From last months Blog, the rain that had not been caught & redirected by the Rain Gutters, destroyed the exteriors battened down Low Siding & the Low Siding such as T&G or Shiplap will have tiny shelves that begin where the Dry-Rot Wood take place that we all want to avoid.
Now all the while the rushing water from the front of this property rushed to the lower back section and found a hole in a the concrete foundations stem wall.
And of course after some unaddressed amount of time this natural element began rotting all the interiors trim work too. As to allow Me start flashing my Top Quality Craftsmanship skills. Every one of the int. base boards & casings trim had soaked up the wall. As too expose the challenge of repairing their debacle, under budget that is.
Wound up that I could fabricate Craftsman Style Plinth Blocks, image above. Artisan details that add wow factors for their R.O.I.!
 The rotted areas got cut away using a Woodworking Tool known as a oscillating saw for the fine finish appearance the home owners were looking for! All back primed prior to the final painting. Problem Solved!! Thank You for revisiting .....
If I can help You?
TRY ME HERE: craigscloutandrepairs@gmail.com

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Let's Do It Right Together One Last Time!!

Retro-fitting a protective splash plate over Your Low Siding, starts with Top Quality Craftsmanship & ends relativity never , after doing it right. The Gable side of Your roof won't have Gutters so whatever the rain lands on below, bounces back up onto the wall. Beginning the destruction
low sidingmade simple by retrofitting atop"> of the finished product outside of any cementitious varieties. This image is that low siding that took the beating every rainy season. The Insects, such as termites can smell the Dry Rot from  the permeating odors and will seek them out. To save further damage as well as dollars, we then Retrofitted right over the existing wood using a copper barricade and cutting out to rid all the existing bad materials except for some of the 1x2 batts here. I replaced the bad rotted batts and cut a 15 degree drip on the saved ones. This won't break the bank, but will certainly add value for an R.O.I. immediately.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

H2o.. Armor

Every solution could entail Architectual Design Drawings first, but, before any Home Renovations or furniture repairs, this gets brushed on any Porous Surface built with Quality Craftsmanship is unprotected, such as Wood can continually and will soak in the elements such as liquids or moisture of all kinds. So when it rains throughout its Lifetime , this usable non-growing (deck/patio) or whatever? So your investment into that product needs the same attention, almost like a sea barren boat.West Systems is constantly aiding Me, in My field of Carpentry! And has my Vote.
This clear paintable wonderment of exterior placed lumber will give years of enjoyment of many different outdoor lumber based ie. furniture
This particular 2-part epoxy resin was designed for exactly this reason. Dunking Undocked wood products. West Systems is applied to most of My outdoor works because it's proven to me for the dollar it's unbeatable. Paint grade or left natural , weather it's structural or simply pieces of furniture, allows all of these to sustain all weather coming all year round! Craigs Clout @ 310.697-2829 can build and supply longevity/sustainabity for life! And is available round the clock 7 days a week if I can be of service! 
craigscloutandrepairs@gmail.com if You'd rather? 
I offer Architecual Drawings to start when My Client doesn't quite see the vision we're manifesting.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

H2O Conduits

When those proverbial tears fall from above, and it's not still growing. Even Humans water ( does NOT matter where it comes from) WILL begin breaking down any surface except copper and some plastics.
29th While every other item that gets wet , the moisture needs an out or slope as to evaporate in soil hopefully. Rather then If it's going to allow things to still grow, like plants, trees or our gardens! The rain, night dew, even the sprinklers in your yard can be harmful, a whole other topic.

In this imageis an exterior staircase showing an example the elements that are life, never got to evaporate away from non-growing wood. The surface mounted fasteners allowed wicking like enertia to breakdown the day it was completed. To save Grace here, the rebuild design has all under Meath connections for that has way more longevity, if not a Your lifetime even. So stay tuned stay happy and remain productively improving Your home for sustainabilty! You can start here @ socalhomeownerscorner.com , my affiliate Mary Ann there is highly knowledgeable in qualifyinging  to set You Up or cash-flow solutions. And I'll aide in maintaining or protecting Your investment.
More Tips are on the way for sure soon, from Clout and NOW I'm out!
Thank You!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Exit Options

Catchy aren't they! Top Quality Craftsmanship and skilled moxie can create Pass-thru or Dutchdoorsand they have their drawing cards, from the Kitchen to a Dining room or just plain out of the house onto the patio exit. This user friendly feature runs the gamut.
The shelved attraction will act as a handy serving ledge or a desktop for many different occassions for those "on-the-go" doers as well as everyday life chores for Your proverbial "to-do" listers. 
Pets are easily babysat while the above portion is ajar and the bottom half being closed during the rest of the entertaining taking place. Fully secured when and if need be for the exterior applications or at the end of a hallway on the inside of your home or anywheres convenient to Your personal usage. I love the fact there can be multiple variation when a door like this can prove to be a perfect solution to that obvious problem that need correcting. I'm Craig with a builders Clout shouting " Out" ! So, until bedtime stay safe and keep those good thoughts!!! 
Craigscloutandrepairs@gmail.com or 310.697.2829
Designer all the way to Completion, "let's build something together"
Bests, Craig